The Isles of Scilly which is set 30 miles to the west of Landsend, out into the Atlantic holds a very dear place in our heart and is a place that we love to visit every summer. In 2020 we have 10, week long voyages were we will have these outstandingly beautiful and remote islands in our sights.  But why would you visit…

1. The Adventure

Join Pellew and Agnes in Falmouth, Cornwall and don’t just embark on a holiday, be part of an adventure!

Step onboard your chosen vessel for your trip and get hands on with sailing the boat on your 60 nautical mile voyage to the Isles of Scilly. The journey is part of it all…Time to unwind and get into the groove of life onboard. Dinner ondeck as you sail towards your aim as the sun sets is always a firm favourite.

Remove yourself from the fast pace of life and journey back in time and venture out into the Atlantic on these authentic pilot cutter’s who would have done this for centuries.

2. Travelling within the UK

With its mild temperature and exotic flora and fauna its sometimes easy to forget that you are still in UK waters.

It’s an incredibly popular holiday destination which doesn’t require you to cross borders or to fly anywhere. Let the boat be your base for the week and allow you to see as much of this british archipelago as possible, and as much as the weather allows.

3. The Wildlife

Cut through the water silently under sail on Agnes or Pellew and get up close to the wildlife. Seabirds, seals, dolphins and sometimes whales are all possible to see The rich tidal waters around the islands offer feeding grounds for them.

Similarly, when you are ashore the islands are a birdwatchers dream. Walk quietly through the interior of the islands looking for local birdlife and a cream tea/ice cream/pint of local ale.

4. White sandy beaches 


As you make your way ashore in the dinghy, ready to step ashore in ankle deep water its hard to believe sometimes that you aren’t in some exotic destination with white sandy beaches… and sometimes bright blue skies.

Once ashore you can sit quietly admiring the view, go swimming, beach combing or stride off to explore the island. All options to you! Heathered headland and rocky outcrops are all also available in the variable and ever changing landscape of these islands.

5. Wide, clear and unpolluted skies 

A personal favourite in the Scillies, and on any other cloudless night, under sail or at anchor is when you step on deck as the sun is setting and your eyes cast up towards the heavens. Sit back and admire the night time spectacle of the sky full of stars. Whether by yourself or in the company of your ship mates its a humbling and awe inspiring experience. 


6. Lots to explore 

With 5 inhabited islands, or 6 if you split St Agnes and Gugh and lots of uninhabited islands there is heaps to see and do.

The weather, as in any journey defines where you go but the skipper will always endeavour to take you to as many islands as is possible. Walk around Tresco abbey gardens, Explore the winding paths of Bryher, Swim of the beach in the Cove between St Agnes and Gugh or walk across St Martin’s or just sit and enjoy wathcing life wander by.

7. Beautiful anchorages

There are so many beautiful and different anchorages in and around the Islands. Every skipper has their favourite places to go but the direction that the wind is blowing will define which anchorage is best. The cove between St Agnes and Gugh and Great Bay at the Northern side of St Martin’s are firm favourites.

8. Great walks

Once  you arrive in the archipelago we always plan for a great balance between time ashore and onboard sailing between the islands. Head off with intent to explore the islands and you can spend several hours happily exploring under foot, admiring the view, the wildlife and the archaeology.

9. Isles of Scilly Gig boat championship

There always seems to be things going on throughout the summer to celebrate the island life. We love being there during the World gig boat championships where teams from around the UK and the World flock to this idyllic location set out in the Atlantic   to enjoy a weekend of racing.

Admire the racing from the deck of a traditional pilot cutter from the best seat in the house.

10. The History 

“There is something profound about being on something not of our time. There is more effort that goes into building it! But reward equals the amount of effort you put into it to how much you get out of it. This is not just an object of conveyance that takes you from A to B. This is a time machine that takes you through time and space.” Luke Powell, Builder of Agnes and Pellew and Skipper of Pellew in 2020. 


Agnes is a recreation of the St Agnes pilot cutter built in 1841 and the last to work out of the islands as an original pilot cutter. She was built to sail and explore the islands and compliments the view in any anchorage. Pellew her larger but younger sister, a Falmouth pilot cutter in her origins used to sail out into the Western approaches to place pilot’s on larger trading ships and brought around the demise of the smaller scillonian cutters. We are offering you the opportunity to step back in time and enjoy the slower pace of life on an authentic wooden sailing boat. 

We are sailing to the Isles of Scilly 10 times in 2020 on Agnes and Pellew. We offer hands on sailing holiday and no expereince is needed. It is a perfect holiday if you are travelling by yourself or with friends.