After extensive research, the 46’ pilot cutter Agnes was built to lines of the original Agnes of 1841. In her heyday, Agnes was the top pilot cutter from the Isles of Scilly. Her dimensions are 46’ on deck x 13’ 3” beam x 8’ 6” draft and she displaces 26 tons. The original Agnes had a long working life ending her days as the last cutter to work out of the Isles of Scilly under Captain Stephen Jenkins whose grandsons Alf and Barry helped launch the new boat in May 2003.

Although Agnes is very much from another age, she has proven herself to be an extremely sea-worthy vessel during the harshest of north Atlantic storms,


yet also sails beautifully in the lightest of airs. She certainly is a vessel that looks after her people aboard and is a joy to sail.

Agnes was originally built for an American owner and sailed across the Atlantic for her first few years of life. She is now based in the UK under the ownership of Working Sail and run as a charter vessel by Luke and Joanna Powell. Her usual sailing grounds are now around the Celtic shores of Cornwall, Brittany and Southern Ireland, showing people the pleasure of traditional sailing and giving them a taste of life afloat.  •  PREVIOUS  •  NEXT