In 2020 Working Sail will become the operator of two traditional pilot cutters. Their 46ft pilot cutter Agnes who has operated as charter boat since 2013 and also the newly launched 68ft pilot cutter Pellew. We are incredibly excited about this exspansion in our business and we have launched this new website to celebrate this.

We are passionate about everything to do with traditional wooden sailing boats. We don’t only sail them with guest crew! we also build them and have built 8 traditioinal pilot cutter’s thus far with Pellew bringing it to 9 when launched in February 2020.

Our aim has been to create a visually exciting and informative website that allows you to find out about us and about the voyages that we have to offer, the destinations that we sail to and the boat that we have built.

We will be adding to it and updating it as much as possible. If there are any glitches then please bear with us and we shall sort them out.

If in doubt get in touch.