Explore the Pink Granite coast and enjoy the festivals

Brittany and Cornwall have always had a close links through out history.

We love it when we have an opportunity to head south from Falmouth towards the French coast to explore/ Agnes has spent a lot of time in Brittany over the years and we can guarantee a varied itinerary for your trip whatever the weather. You should expect an over night sail where you will be standing watch alongside the full time crew. 

From St Malo in the East to the Raz du Sein on the Atlantic Coast we are offered approximately 150 miles of amazing coast line to explore. On the North, Brittany’s pink granite coast, Paimpol, Ile Brehat, Les 7 Ile, Tregier, and Morlaix Bay, to name just a few. The sailing is great, finding our way among the rocks into different places and, ashore, we can choose between towns or small out of the way anchorages depending on our mood.

Around the corner and along the Atlantic Coast line there are many small scattered islands to explore, Ile D’Ouessant, Ile Molene, and Ile Sein. On the mainland, the seaweed port of L’Aber Ildut, Le Conquet, the maritime port of Brest, the sea-side town of Camaret-Sur-Mer, and Douarenez to the South.

There are also several music and maritime festivals in Brittany we attend. 

While we can never offer a solid itinerary because the weather will always dictate what we can achieve. We can assure you the skipper on board the boat will always make the best of it and take to you as many new and different places that they can.

View the map below to give you a better idea of where your French adventure could take you

Wooden Boat festivals

We love playing an active role in the wooden boat festival’s that happen in the West country and France and love attending them when we can.

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