Kit List

The age old question of what to pack for your time onboard Agnes or Pellew.

Let us offer as  much advice as we can.

What is already onboard?

Both boats have  modern matieral waterproofs onboard in a good variety of sizes. These are available for everyone who wants to use them. If you wish to bring your own then that is absolutely fine. 

We have lifejackets for everyone onboard which are serviced every year. Please do not bring your own. 

The beds have pillows and duvets with covers.

It is all about the layering!

It is inevitable when you head out on the water that it will be considerably cooler than it is on the land as you are in the wind. We would always recommend packing thinner layers that are easy to dry and can be worn in various combinations depending on the weather you are experiencing.

Two pair’s of footwear!

Obviously taking into consideration the weather forecasted for the week, we would recommend bringing two pairs of foot wear.

While wellingtons or sailing boots are ideal we know its not always on everyones agenda to have these. 

For the deck you should have shoes that you are happy to get wet and have thick robust soles with a good grip. The decks will get wet as its the nature of the boats and they can get slippery sometimes.

Another pair of shoes for going ashore or in the evenings are also a good option. 

Protection from the elements.

Whether its sunny or rainy we would recommend a hat (wooly or sun) and sunglasses. Also its always worth packing some sun tan lotion to prevent an overly rosy face, although we have some onboard. 

Don’t Go wild

Just because you are off on a sailing trip doesn’t mean you have to invest in loads of new specialised kit. You can cover most eventualities with clothes you have already in your wardrobe. If not then look at good outdoor clothing. It is widely recognised that as soon as you put marine in front of anything then the price atleast doubles. 

Pack in a soft bag

Space is limited on the boats and we would strongly recommend packing in soft shell bags that can be compressed. Avoid hard shelled cases which take up space and are hard to store. 

Electronics and Charging!

We are able to charge electronics like phones and camera’s onboard the boats. Remember to bring your USB charger cable and the crew will explain how it works when you get onboard. 

Please be conscious of bringing expensive electronics onboard as water and constantly moving boats make tough enviroments. However we will always endeavour to find safe places of them. 

Stores for the evening!

When we have stopped sailing for the evening, and at the discretion of the skipper we have onboard bar. However if you wish to bring a conservative amount of alcohol onboard then please feel free. 

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