Our friends at the Fal River distillery, the home of the popular “Petrel” rum have regularly visited the yard over the period of the build to source off cuts of the English and European oak that we have used to build Pellew.

While building any wooden boat there is natural wastage, as the wood is shaped to fit the role its being asked to do. Therefore it is great that Elle has been able to put some of it to good use creating her local craft rum. 

While the rum is aged in old bourbon barrels, Elle has also added oak staves (toasted kindling size piece of wood) to the alcohol which she has collected from the yard in Truro. Having processed the wood by hand she has toasted it into her oven, on her boat where she lives and  for around three hours. The more uneven the toast the better as it adds to the depth and complexity of the rum that she produces and is exactly what she is looking for.  The lighter, less toasted oak adds sweet vanilla notes and the darker burnt oak adds a mature smokey aroma. When steeping the rum in the oak staves, the alcohol acts a solvent and draws out the flavours and esters from the porous oak. 

To commemorate the launch of Pellew there is currently a special batch of rum in the still that will be named after Pellew. We hope that it will be ready for the end of the month for the launch! With her personally designed labels that are planned to include an image of Pellew it will be a great memento to mark the launch of the boat.

We are all looking forward to tasting it when it is ready and having it onboard this summer. 

All Photo’s have kindly been supplied by Elle at Fal river distillery. Learn more about Fal River Distillery 

Pellew will be launched from our yard in Truro on the 29th February 2020. We will be streaming the event live on Facebook! Don’t miss out by following the event on line. Learn More

She starts her maiden sailing season in May and berths are selling quickly. Have a look at her planned voyages and come an be part of the adventure.