What to Expect

Frequently Asked Questions

Like with any intrepid adventure, from a day sail through to a 14 nights there will always be questions about what to expect when you are onboard. Let us try and answer as many as we possibly can and get in touch if you have any others that arent answered here.

How many guest crew are there?

We can accomodate up to 6 guest crew onboard Agnes and 8 on Pellew.  While both boats are available to charter as a whole with a group of friends we usually find that crews are made up mainly of individuals and couples.

Do I need experience?

No experience is necessary. The permanent crew onboard will ensure your safety and make sure you get as involved as you want to. We encourage a hands on sailing experience.

If I have a medical condition, will it be a problem?

Please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss if there is further questions we need to ask to make sure that the voyage is suitable for you. Please note any medical information given is totally confidential.

Do I need to be very active?

No, a normal level of fitness will be adequate; you need for emergency circumstances to be able to climb a 6ft (2meter) vertical ladder unassisted.

 What should I bring?

We have made some suggestions on the Kit list page but in short we recommend that you pack layers of warm clothing as it can get cold on the water. Consider the forecasted weather and whether you need to bring sun tan lotion. Two pairs of shoes with solid, good soles are always a must in case one gets wet. Wellingtons or sailing boots are always a good option if space allows. Space onboard both boats are limited and please make sure that you pack in soft shell bag.

Who will be the Skipper and the crew onboard?

Agnes will have a skipper and a mate and Pellew will have a skipper, mate, cook and deckhand. Luke and Jo may be sailing on some of the voyages but we have had to increase our team to ensure that we can cover both boats busy summer schedules.

Each member of the Working sail team have had loads experience in sailing traditional boats with guest crew, plenty of sea time, bucket loads of enthusiam and are looking forward to welcoming you onboard. Learn more about the team but following this link. 

Are all meals include in the price?

For day sails and short taster voyages all meals are included in the price. For the longer voyages, to the Isles of Scilly and the French festivals there will be at least one meal ashore at the cost to yourself. If this is this case then it will be stated in the voyages description.

Are dietary requirements catered for?

We will cater towards dietary requirements as much as we can. Please get in touch to discuss.

 What is the accommodation like?

Both Agnes and Pellew have shared accommodation in bunk beds situated forward of the saloon and around the mast. 

Pellew bunks

Will I get sea sick?

It is always possible that you might suffer from Mal de Mere. It is a totally natural reaction to a new boat and situation. If you were wanting to take sea sick tablets, which have a tendency to make you feel sleepy we would suggest you start taking them the night before your voyage in order to not miss out on your first day on the water.

What bathroom facilities are provided?

Agnes has one heads (marine toilet onboard) and Pellew has two heads


Can I charge my phone or digital camera?

Yes, both boats will have the opportunity to charge electrical items. Please remember to bring a charging USB cable.

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