Welcome to Working Sail


Working Sail was established in 1994, with the aim of keeping alive the art and craftsmanship of traditional wooden boats. Dedicated to reviving the rich heritage of our maritime past we also take people sailing on Adventure Sailing Holidays aboard our pilot cutter Agnes, the third vessel launched from our yard. Owners Luke and Joanna Powell bring many years of experience in wooden boats to the business. Luke, with over thirty years of sailing and rebuilding traditional sailing vessels, as well as designing and building new pilot cutters, has a deep understanding of what makes for a good looking and long lasting vessel. He has built eight cutters to date. Joanna has also lived with traditional boats most of her life. Sailing first with her father around Southern Ireland and beyond before owning and running a charter business, working an eighty-foot sailing trawler out of West Wales. In between, she sailed her Manx lugger, visiting boat festivals in Brittany and Cornwall with her young family.


Now, as a husband and wife team and business partners, Luke and Joanna have combined their skills and broadened their field of activities. Although Luke remains very much a boat builder, they are keen to spend more time on the water to enjoy the hard won fruits of their labours. Together they now sail their pilot cutter Agnes out of Falmouth, working her as a charter vessel and providing adventure sailing holidays around Cornwall. Their usual cruising grounds are the Celtic shores of Cornwall, Brittany and Southern Ireland – seas they know so well and wish to share with you. So the story continues, with the sailing and building of traditional vessels going hand in hand. Why not check out our 2019/20 Sailing Program. It’s full of exciting voyages for a long, medium or short holidays. Groups or individuals, novices and salty sea dogs, all are equally welcome.  

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