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Pellew is the ninth Pilot cutter to have been built by Luke in our yard at Truro and is also the biggest.  Due to be launched on the 29th February 2020 she will start her maiden season sailing with guest crew, exploring her home water of the west country, Isles of Scilly and Britany. At 68ft on deck she is the largest wooden gaff cutter to have been launched in recent years.

A Modern day recreation of a History

Shes is a realisation of  one of Luke’s dreams which was to recreate a modern version of the Falmouth pilot cutter No.8 “Vincent”. She was one of the longest-surviving and best-documented of the cutters, built in 1852 for the Vincent family of St Mawes.

Built for speed she worked successfully for 70 years sailing out into the English channel to land pilots on incoming ships and guide them safetly back to Falmouth to revictual and get their ongoing order. She was retired in 1922, ending her days as a houseboat at Freshwater on the Percuil River. 

She is being built to the highest sea going standards with watertight bulkheads and all the equipment to sail the oceans of the world. Bound for a life a charter boat it is our plan that she will sail with both Adult and young people onboard.

Why is she called “Pellew”?

We felt it was important that while she is a faithful recreation of an original Falmouth Pilot Cutter that she needed her own identity. We wanted a name that could easily associated with our home in Falmouth, Cornwall. We therefore decided to call her “Pellew”. 

Admiral Edward Pellew, 1st Viscount Exmouth, was the son of a Cornish packet captain who died when Edward was young, leaving the family impoverished. Edward, aged 14, ran away to sea from Truro Grammar School. Showing great daring and ability in the American War of Independence, he rose through the ranks. In the Napoleonic Wars he became the greatest frigate captain of all time. Based at Flushing across the waters from Falmouth would sail to to attack the French, capturing and bringing home enemy frigates as prizes. He showed great humanity to both his crew and the enemy, becoming good friends with the French captains he fought.

(c) Royal Albert Memorial Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Sail Pellew 

Sail as guest crew with Luke as she tours the Hebrides in Scotland and her home shores of Cornwall.  Along with a mate, deckhand, and dedicated cook they will teach you everything you need to know about sailing her. Eat delicious home-cooked meals with lots of cake and tea to keep you well fed.

She is built for speed and should offer exciting sailing and a great opportunity to learn the ropes. From day sails to 14-night trips there are plenty of voyages to choose from.

All of our sailing holidays are managed in partnership with VentureSail, so when you click the link below you will be taken through to their website.

Pellew’s launch – 29th February 2020

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